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Mysterious Switches

January 01, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

During my vacations, I used to visit odisha. My father works there. A strange thing happened with me when I visited the washroom one day. Actually I had remembered that the second switch from the left was the one to turn on the light. But that day I accidentally turned on the third switch from left. But to my surprise that switch worked and the washroom was light. For a second I was stunned. How is this possible? How the third switch can work when the second switch is working for it. Then I thought that may be both the switches were assigned the same task. Then keeping the third switch light, I turned the second switch onn. But nothing changed. And I pondered upon this the whole day. How can this happen? What are the two switches doing with the light. Anyone of the switch lights the washroom but it needs both of them to turn it off. What could be the answer to this?

One day I simply realised the answer: There were two lights in the washroom! How stupid I am!!