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Open Letter to Director MSIT sharing my experience with Avensis - The Annual Techfest of MSIT

December 27, 2016 | 4 Minute Read

To Prof. K. P. Chaudhary, Director (MSIT)

Dear Sir,

I am a student of 4th Year CSE Evening in your institution (E.Roll : 01196302713). I have an aggregate of 78% till 6th Semester and I am currently placed in Microsoft, Hyderabad.

Here are some of the positions of responsibilities that I have held in MSIT

  • I have developed the official website of MSIT (
  • I was the Chief Organizer (Technical) of Avensis 2016
  • I am currently the Chairperson - IEEE MSIT Computer Society
  • I was in Core Department - Avensis 2015
  • I was Special Interest Group Founder - Web Development under IEEE MSIT -2016
  • I was the designer and designed the official magazine of IEEE MSIT - 2015

and many other small level contributions to the college. You have also given me a Letter of Appreciation signed by you for developing the college website. I am attaching with this mail my resume and LOA.

I recently saw the notice regarding the Avensis 2017 and found out that decided dates are 11th and 12th of January 2017.

I feel that you understand the importance of a college Festival from the view of a member of the college management committee. I am writing this mail to give you an insight of the students perspective and importance of the college festival.

My experience in Avensis 2015

I joined Avensis Team in 2015 in the designing department. I had no professional skills at that time. In the team I was guided by my COs/Mentors and I learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop Design Tool. I received the guidance that I could not have received in the classrooms and skills that provided me ways to find work. Soon after that I received multiple works inside college such as designing the annual magazine of IEEE MSIT(Link to magazine). Apart from this, Avensis 2015 taught me:

  • How to manage my time with college classes and festival work (Time Management)
  • Coordinating an event
  • How to develop websites
  • How to work in a team
  • How to deal with printing shops

After working in this team, I got motivated and found various freelance works and soon landed an internship in a startup where I learned website development and worked on various projects.

My experience in Avensis 2016

Then next year I was selected as the Chief Organizer for Avensis 2016 and was given the responsibility of Technical Department. In this role I learned the following activities :

  • Decide upon what event are to be organized
  • How to motivate 100 students in my department to give their best results
  • The website of the festival
  • How to Arrange for sponsors who could sponsor money and prizes for the festival
  • How to get the lowest available quotes in the market for Various products required during festival
  • How to manage the events in the allocated budget
  • How to deal with students of other colleges while representing my college
  • Allocate technical events in various labs in the college
  • and many other activities.

Sir, Avensis has played an integral part in building what I am today capable of doing. The skill, the managerial activities, etc everything for me starting from the Avensis. And it is on the basis of these skills that I believe I got selected in Microsoft.

To summarize the whole mail, I would say that Avensis - The Annual Techfest of MSIT, plays a very important role in every student’s life who organizes it. It plays a crucial role in building a student’s personality and professional skills. It is the only event in this college which is capable of maintaining a good perspective of this college, its management and most importantly, its students. If Avensis would have been conducted this way in my time, then I would have not been what I am today.

With the current decisions on Avensis 2017, many students will miss these classes which they get outside the classroom, inside the college. It is my humble request to you to please reconsider your decisions and postpone the Avensis atleast by one month so that the students could learn these things from the experiences of their seniors and other faculties and the passing of knowledge continues.

I would be highly grateful to you for considering my inputs. I also feel that Poonam Bansal ma’am and other teachers added in Cc of the mail will agree with me on various point that I have mentioned above as I have worked with them in the above mentioned years.

Yours Sincerely

Mayank Kashyap CSE Evening, 4th Year 01196302713